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We specialise in Pressed Number Plates

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Pressed plates have been around for many years. Most classic cars still use them to make their car look unique. Since then, they have been replaced by plastic acrylic license decades ago and forgotten.

Metal car registrations are now latest trend for every car owner to significantly improve the look of the vehicle. They don’t only look better than acrylic (plastic plates) but they are also much more durable. Major differences between acrylic and metal plates are that acrylics are much less durable than metal but the printed characters do not fade or rub off, while metal ones may be affected by stone-chips at the front. They are also a bit more expensive as production is a little more complex and takes slightly longer to produce the finished product. There are advantages and disadvantages to each material so most buyers should make a decision based on individual needs and requirements. Metal are standardised as popular, trendy, stylish, durable, easy to acquire, and weather resistant. Acrylics are popular as affordable alternatives to metallic plates with heat resistant properties and a range of user friendly features with more styles available.

Our metal plates are crafted from a single piece of aluminium and we use the latest high tech equipment to design, build and manufacture your car registration. A 5 tonne hydraulic press machine assures us of a high quality precision product with an excellent hand finished end product.

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